Instructions: Connect a gamepad and press any button or press any key to start! Add a gamepad to play with a friend!

The final showdown on the rooftop begins! Defeat your enemy and reign supreme!


W/A/S/D or DPad or Left Analog stick to move

Space or Gamepad Bottom button to jump

Shift or Gamepad right shoulder button (R1, RB) to dash

J or Gamepad Left Button (Square, X) for Light Attack

K or Gamepad Top Button (Triangle, Y) for Heavy Attack

Heavy Attack + Up for Heavy Launcher kick

L or Gamepad Right Button (Circle, B) to switch to gun

Jump + Light Attack for jumping kick

Jump + Heavy Attack for diving kick

With Gun Equipped:

Attack to shoot

Up + Attack to shoot up

Jump + Down + Attack to shoot down

Switch Gun to switch back to hand-to-hand

Press Ctrl + Alt + S to disable/enable tube TV effect

Full source available Here on GitHub!